Hannah W.

Fredericton, Nouveau-Brunswick

Anglophone East Regional Heritage Fair (Hopewell Cape)

Bee Kyle Human Skyrocket

My great great great aunt was a high diver in the 1930s, diving into a small pool of water from 100ft above. Born in Calais, Me. She spent her childhood in the US/Canada bordertown. Her diving career began in Montreal Canada.

Quelle est la chose la plus intéressante ou surprenante que tu as appris en préparant ton projet et en effectuant ta recherche ?

The most interesting thing I learned was how she lived her life as a high diver in show business, it wasn't all about glamour. She didn't have a lot but still made the best of it.

Quelles sont les informations les plus importantes à retenir de ta recherche que tu aimerais partager avec les autres Canadiens ?

To follow your dreams! Be brave.

Peux-tu comparer ta vie aujourd'hui avec celle de celui ou ceux qui sont présentés dans ton projet ?

Bee lived an adventurous life from a young age of 12. She had a lot of independence. I have been inspired to follow my dreams and not give up.