Victoria V.

Richmond, Colombie-Britannique


Ted Rogers

The historical significance of him and his own company. How his company provides Canadians with material that delivers easy access to communicate with others around the world. 

Quelle est la chose la plus intéressante ou surprenante que tu as appris en préparant ton projet et en effectuant ta recherche ?

How Rogers provides Canadians with the material to communicate. There are a lot more details in how computers and phones communicate in the world. Also, the very fascinating life of Ted Rogers Jr. He experienced a lot of situations involving his family or his company, but always managed through it.

Quelles sont les informations les plus importantes à retenir de ta recherche que tu aimerais partager avec les autres Canadiens ?

The whole process of creating a communications company, as it starts with a small idea and rises from there. Big money and life situations. Anything new can change the company's reputation. The private life of Ted, he's a father and husband who tries to never waste a special family moment.

Peux-tu comparer ta vie aujourd'hui avec celle de celui ou ceux qui sont présentés dans ton projet ?

I could say that we are privileged to study and acknowledge their significant lives and work. We live in a place thats safe and well organized, as for some of the lives studied start poorly and work for their right to live. Their stories are very inspiring and fascinating, they end proudly.