Jack D.

Stratford, Île-du-Prince-Édouard

Prince Edward Island Provincial Heritage Fair

Le Coupe Stanley

The history and stories of the Stanley Cup. Research and insight of a hockey hero on the nation's most famous and historic championship.




Quelle est la chose la plus intéressante ou surprenante que tu as appris en préparant ton projet et en effectuant ta recherche ?

I didn't realize how busy the schedule of the cup is and how special it is to all hockey fans.

Quelles sont les informations les plus importantes à retenir de ta recherche que tu aimerais partager avec les autres Canadiens ?

How much history the cup has, how it is so recognized and how hard you have to work to one day be fortunate enough to win it!

Peux-tu comparer ta vie aujourd'hui avec celle de celui ou ceux qui sont présentés dans ton projet ?

Winning the Stanley Cup is a dream of mine and many others. It's a passion that helps fuel all of the hard work to one day, hopefully be able to have my name inscribed on the cup like many greats.