Mackenzie T.

North Bay, Ontario

North Bay Regional Fair

Mining in Canada

This video is on Mining in Canada. Come along with me as I explore some of the most famous mining cities in Canada such as Sudbury, Cobalt and Kirkland Lake. Learn about the mining history of these mining cities and about mining in Canada and its contributions to our country.

Quelle est la chose la plus intéressante ou surprenante que tu as appris en préparant ton projet et en effectuant ta recherche ?

The most interesting thing I learned while creating my video was the mining history of the places I visited since each of them had their own stories and backgrounds.

Quelles sont les informations les plus importantes à retenir de ta recherche que tu aimerais partager avec les autres Canadiens ?

While researching and creating my video, I learned that mining in Canada is a very important part of Canada`s social, cultural and economic development. Also, mining along with lumber, fishing and the fur trade was one of Canada`s founding industries

Peux-tu comparer ta vie aujourd'hui avec celle de celui ou ceux qui sont présentés dans ton projet ?

In the past, mining was very dangerous. Miners were required to go in the mines with barely any gear or protection. Today, mining is a lot safer and miners wear lots of gear and safety equipment.