Maya L.

Ajax, Ontario

Durham Regional Fair

Mi'Kmaq Powwow

In this project I demonstrate my interest for my native heritage, the Mi'kmaq Canadians. In the video I host an interactive Powwow in a grade 4 class room which includes chants, games and some words of the Migmao language.

Quelle est la chose la plus intéressante ou surprenante que tu as appris en préparant ton projet et en effectuant ta recherche ?

The most interesting thing I learned is how early the Mi'kmaq people acknowledged the value of woman and children in the culture. They did this by including them in powwows in the year 1883. With this decision woman and children were included in all parts of the culture.

Quelles sont les informations les plus importantes à retenir de ta recherche que tu aimerais partager avec les autres Canadiens ?

I learned that most kids think that native people are a culture of the past and today are only living on reserves. When in fact, native culture is still very active all over Canada. I also learned that the powwow is at the heart of the Mi'kmaq culture. Powwows happen at the beginning of every season and are used to talk to spirits as well as pass down legends and traditions from generation to generation.

Peux-tu comparer ta vie aujourd'hui avec celle de celui ou ceux qui sont présentés dans ton projet ?

My life today is much easier than that of the Mi'kmaq children of the past. I have access to education, electronics and many things that make living easy. Traditions and beliefs were a bigger part of the way the Mi'kmaq people lived as apposed to the European life style lived today.